Genetically Modified Organisms

“A conscious approach to living is the best way to protect your fam­ily. Do not assume that government agencies are strictly regulating anything. If the idea of GMOs circulating through your home is unsettling, then take action. Learn what the GM foods are. Remove any products that contain GM products and then avoid them.” Dr. Hollee’

Prop 37 is the first time Americans have had the opportunity to voice an opinion on the topic of genetically modified (GM) foods in the food supply. If you vote in California you have a say in whether or not GMO food products will be labeled in the future. A YES vote is for labeling. A NO vote is against labeling.

The truth is, no matter where you live in the world, GMOs have the capacity to touch your life and the lives of everyone you know and love. It is important to make a conscious choice on this topic: one that involves an understanding of what GMOs are, what potential dangers they pose and where they are in society. When the foods were introduced into the food market the average consumer did not know the foods had changed. GMOs have caused disease and death. There is a high probability that they will
continue to do so.

The complimentary chapter download is and an overview on GMOs. See the download for a summary of GMOs. The topic is extensive and can involve a great deal of research, as much or as little as you choose. We are fortunate to have fantastic resources to help us make wise health choices. Resources are listed in the back of the downloadable chapter and at the bottom of this page.


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