Book download: Women’s Wisdom

Enjoy the first chapter to be released from my upcoming book Women’s Wisdom: 5 Ways to Protect Your Family in a Changing World as a gift. Part 1 highlights genetically modified (GM) foods and how they can potentially impact the health and well-being of all people.

Women’s Wisdom: 5 Ways to Protect Your Family’s Health in a Changing World

Good choices can make the difference between a healthy energetic life and a life that is stuck in survival mode. Health wisdom can be easily applied to our lives in order to create a healthier happier you. The first of the Women’s Wisdom books will focus on the awareness necessary to protect your family in a world that is changing and the hidden poisons that we encounter on a
regular basis.

Health is more than the absence of disease. Radiance, energy and high vitality are what we all desire. It is paramount that we take action to maintain good health by listening to the rhythm of our bodies. Awareness lends itself to wisdom. Ideally, we make health conscious wise choices to prevent disease. Too many people have avoided awareness until after a tragic disease has set in. Disease prevention is more than a yearly checkup; it is a lifestyle and a mindset.

Survival mode is not good health. The disease process is a gradual process where the body breaks down and ages faster than it naturally should due to some form of stress on the body. Stress comes in many forms. The completed book will discuss five important stressors that cause the body to break down and cause vulnerability.

Turn up the energy in your life with knowledge! Get to know what influences your body, your life and your relationships. Take charge of your health and find answers about how the body breaks down and how to get it back on track. Living a stronger, healthier life not only increases your natural life span, it affects everyone you know and love.

Women with conscious hearts and minds want to make the world more peaceful and harmonious for ourselves, our families and future generations. The Women’s Wisdom series will lend health wisdom for the conscious woman and her family.

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