About Me

Dr. Hollee’ J. Rhinehart  DC

Hollee Rhinehart

“Natural living, good health and heartfelt choices increase a person’s potential in life. We are all here for a reason. Why not reach our greatest potential? I believe in people. Healing is a calling for me and I am here to be of service to people of all ages, to promote healing and increase the potential of people.” Dr. Hollee’

I am living proof that challenges can be turned into a passion. All things in life are a blessing.

As a child I was plagued with asthma, allergies and the necessary inhaler for several years, was given regular allergy shots during the elementary years and had the yearly bouts of bronchitis and colds. When I look back at photos, I see that I was inflamed and living with a very stressed body. All of those conditions were fixable, given the right treatment.

As a holistic practitioner and chiropractor, I believe the biggest factor that affected my health began at three months of age. At the suggestion of a pediatrician I was taken off of breast milk and given sugar water for three days after that I was put on various formulas until I began eating solid food. Those three days set the stage for the health challenges that I faced as I entered my twenties.

From this experience I have learned that suffering creates an avenue for change, if one chooses the change. I knew that I wanted to feel better. Once I knew that an alternative approach existed, I chose the change; I chose to change. We do not always know exactly where we are going, but once we get a taste of where change can take us, we are then in the driver’s seat. The major catalyst and introduction to alternative medicine for me came in the form of a flu.

When I was in college I became very ill with a flu. The only help I received was from a holistic chiropractor, who not only helped me to get well, but also to heal from the childhood challenges that had stayed with me. I discovered that health is not something that happens to us—health is what we choose to do with our everyday decisions. In the course of three months I became a stronger, more energetic person. I then changed my college career, graduated and immediately set course for chiropractic school, so that I could share this amazing message of alternative healthcare with the world. Chiropractic school is the same as medical school, without the emphasis on drugs. This would become the avenue for me to influence the health of families who wanted good health naturally. I especially wanted mommies and children to know that there is a way to get well and stay well, without drugs or surgery!

The experience I had with chiropractic and holistic healthcare in my under graduate years opened my eyes to the natural ways of addressing human health. As a chiropractor I help to facilitate healing in the body with the chiropractic adjustment. As a holistic healer I help to facilitate healing on all levels of the human being: body, mind and spirit.

As you can see, the challenges of my youth were turned into a passion to reach out and share the ideas of natural health care and natural living. This website and my upcoming books are dedicated to that passion and to the people who may want to choose something different.

Today I am happily raising three well-balanced home-schooled children with my husband Dr. Chaz Rhinehart, who is also my business partner at Crossroads Holistic Health Center. I wear many hats in the course of a day and have found that each day is a blessing and an opportunity to gather life experience. I like the various aspects of my life from being a wife and mother,
to being a doctor, homeschooling teacher, wife, cook, friend, community member, writer and, last but not least, a woman! My goal in working with patients in the treatment room or via the website is to help each of us facilitate and find our greatest potential in each day.

Techniques used: Chiropractic, AK, SOT, NET, Homeopathy, BACH, FES, Cranial Sacral.