Women’s Wisdom

My upcoming book will address the hidden poisons that can undermine your efforts to create a healthy life.

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Good choices can make the difference between a healthy energetic life and a life that is stuck in survival mode.

Regardless of your life’s plans, good health and stable emotions are certain to make your life more enjoyable and your success more probable. Choose to make health a priority. Any energy invested in you and your loved ones is energy well spent.

The System

Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of being affected by physical, chemical, emotional, energetic and spiritual and aspects of the self. All people, are influenced by, all of these components. There are no exceptions.

Understand the Body

The various aspects of the self can be dissected and understood independently, but they do not work independently. If one area is out of balance it will influence the other areas. The dance of life is miraculous in the way that energy feeds chemistry, emotion changes the physical body and the spirit has the need to shine beyond anything that is manifested physically.

Chain of Events

The human body is constantly working to maintain a healthy system. Within the complete system are many smaller systems all working to coordinate their function and action with the others.